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Smartballs Duo in India Red and White



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Discover for yourself what can happen to your sex life as a result of stronger, more toned pelvic with a perfect, silky, thrillingly textured Teneo Duo. From Fun Factory's Smartballs line, these weighted balls 'works out' your sex muscles as you enjoy the subtle vibration that occurs with movement; you'll have to flex the PC muscles (the same ones you contract when doing kegels) to keep it in place, hence, the workout. Many sexual studies have shown that strong pelvic floor muscles can contribute to a healthier sex life, increased sensation, and stronger orgasms, and with such an enjoyable way to exercise them, you can't lose. Perfect for both beginners and experts, a single ball can be inserted at first, and the second when you've had a little more practise; they slide in easily with a small, subtle fingertip- cupping dent in the material directly behind the removal cord. Once the Duo is comfortably in place, you can wear it for as long as you want and wherever you want; since it's completely internal, no one will be the wiser. Try it out around that house, and maybe you'll graduate to wearing it out and about; the gentle vibration of the little weight inside the Duo feels incredible as it helps to strengthen. Made from high quality, hypoallergenic silicone, this tool is completely body safe, odor free, and silky and matte for a look as gorgeous as the touch. Use a good quality water based lube if needed, avoid silicone formulas.


  • Length - 7 1/2" (with cord)
  • Insertable length - 4"
  • Girth - 4 3/4" around at largest
  • Width - 1.4" at widest
  • Material - Silicone
  • Special features - Discreet and wearable, hygienically superior, lube included
  • Color - Red, white