Men's Max Feel Loop Onahole (Open Type)


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Innovative self-lubricating masturbator

If you are looking for a non-vacuum type masturbator with an amazing internal structure, the Men's Max Feel Loop Onahole (Open Type) is your perfect choice. Being open at both ends, this onahole allows stronger up-and-down movements while you masturbate, and cleaning up after use is much easier compared to closed-type masturbators. The innovative toy uses a patented "wetch" design to make lubrication easy without reducing sensitivity like many other lubes do. You can feel every little bump and edge of this hole's amazing inner structure as you move over it with your manhood, helping you reach orgasm swiftly and intensely.

Specs and Features:

  • Self-lubricating onahole
  • Internal structure: elastic, edgy rings with 2 contrasting areas
  • Just use water to make it slippery wet
  • Use warm water to heat toy up
  • Dimensions: length 13.8 cm. , max. width 5.2 cm.
  • Weight: 152 g 
  • Includes extra lubricant
  • Open-type masturbator
  • Made in Japan

Data sheet

Lenght: 13,8 cm.

Net Weight: 152 g.

Hole Construction: Single Layer

Brand: Enjoy Toys

Lotion Included: YES

Number of Holes: 1

Material: TPE

Simulation: No realistic

Hole Design: Open Hole

EAN: 4580395737010

Special Features: Samo-lubrykujący masturbator, wystarczy niewielka ilość wody.

Country of Origin: Japan