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KOKOS is an adult instrument manufacturer that has been pursuing its own path for the past 15 years with belief and persistence in the ever-changing adult-toy industry of a cutthroat competition with manufacturers from around the world in order to meet enormous supply and demand. KOKOS is the representative brand of Korea that specializes in manufacturing men’s masturbation silicon instruments.
The special feature of KOKOS is that the company manufactures products that emphasized art, design, and utility in men’s masturbation silicon instruments that would be otherwise lackluster.
Design, function, and quality are the reasons why consumers choose to buy KOKOS’ products.
KOKOS’ products are manufactured based on many years of expertise in producing silicon; the products are not easily torn, has no strong odor, high durability, and the must requirements for masturbation instruments.

Confidence in quality is also demonstrated in the expression of a variety of internal structures. A variety of internal structures can be expressed with a delicate touch thanks to the excellent product quality.
This provides a solution for serious functional problems that can be seen in low-end products – Clumsy structure of internal creases and bumps stretch with insertion of penis, which will deteriorate stimulation and also lack of resilience and elasticity will not be able to squeeze penis, losing the essential function of a product.
KOKOS‘ products have a wide itemized internal structure. Unlike other products that have a similar internal function with different external design, KOKOS features a wide range of selections that are itemized in different structures that sets apart with other products to meet customer needs.

KOKOS‘ products are equipped with such internal structures and completed with colorful and artistic external design.
The number of new products launched by KOKOS is only a few, compared to its competitors. It proves that the company is devoted in making new products before released in the market.
Beautiful sculpture with subtle expression.
The persistence of KOKOS that turns imagination into reality is the driving force that leads KOKOS‘ brand.

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Showing 1 - 36 of 37 items