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Meiki Valentina


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A realistic style LOVE DOLL; the design and texture is almost identical to a real lady. The realism of her beautiful face and body lines offer genuine ecstasy in the doggy style position. Vagina, Anal and Oral; Each hole offers a different feeling, enabling you to enjoy a variety of experiences.



1.This product will blow your mind when you fully open the labia lips and see the realistic details inside stimulating your imagination.

2.The front part is designed with double G-spots, thick vaginal membrane, and creases offering an even more thrilling experience.

3.The middle part gives a different and varying sensation from the bottom that is lined with big nub bumps.

4.Sperm outlet offers easy cleaning after use.



1. The appearance of anal entrance and size are designed just like the real anus giving you even more realistic feeling of insertion.

2. The Anal structure is uniquely designed after thoughtful analysis. It has a curved insertion and medium sized stimulation bumps that help you feel a completely unique stimulation.

3. The middle part is around 1.5cm in diameter, which offers strong and tight sensation when you move through. Big bumps give unbearable stimulus to the penis head.

4. Sperm outlet offers easy cleaning after use.



The five strong tightening zones from the entrance effectively give tight and absorbing sensations to your penis.

Squeeze into the small hole and feel the exhilarating pleasure.

The appearance of the oral entrance is designed just like the real mouth, giving you even more realistic feeling on insertion. 

Data sheet

Weight: 6 kg

Konstrukcja: Masturbator dwuwarstwowy (dual layer)

Producent: KOKOS

Załączony lubrykant: NIE

Zaprojektowany w:: Korea

Ilość otworów: 3

Rodzaj materiału: TPE

Stymulacja: Waginalna, analna i oralna

Zakończenie tunelu wewnętrznego.: Otwarte

Kod kreskowy: 8809392181180

Rozmiar: Długość x Szerokość x Wysokość: 50 x 23 x 20 cm.