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17 Seventeen


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The original top-seller!

Pure bliss!
This realistic vagina has simply been designed on a woman’s uterus.
This is probably one of the most realistic concept to a woman's vagina with an ultra-soft inner layer and a soft outer layer made of higher density “Safe Skin” material.
The love hole is slightly loose to avoid unnecessary tightness and to provide you with an amazing long-lasting pleasure.
Famous best-selling adult oy for men, Seventeen pocket pussy is definitely a must-have for men who like good quality masturbators or for couples who enjoy a bit of change for foreplay.

Full Length: 170 mm
Weight: 250g




Data sheet

Height: 17 cm.

Weight: 250 g.

Konstrukcja: Masturbator dwuwarstwowy (dual layer)

Producent: Toysheart

Załączony lubrykant: TAK 20 ml.

Zaprojektowany w:: Japonia

Ilość otworów: 1

Rodzaj materiału: TPE

Stymulacja: Waginalna

Zakończenie tunelu wewnętrznego.: Zamknięte

Kod kreskowy: 4526374513077

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