Men's Max Feel Twister Onahole (Open Type)


149,00zł tax incl.

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Feeling great in your hand and around your dick, the Men's Max Feel Twister Onahole (Open Type) is the perfect masturbator. Sensitivity is further enhanced by the special "wetch" technology that makes it possible to thoroughly lubricate this toy with just a bit of water without compromising on feeling all the little details of the intricate inside that slide up and down your shaft. The opening at both the front and back of the masturbator allows you to adjust your strength and tempo precisely while also easing clean-up after you've blown your load.

Specs and Features:

  • Self-lubricating onahole
  • Internal structure: voluminous protrusions that rotate smoothly for complex stimulation over a wide area
  • Just use water to make it slippery wet
  • Use warm water to heat toy up
  • Dimensions: length 13.8 cm , max. width 5.2 cm 
  • Weight: 152 g 
  • Includes extra lubricant
  • Open-type masturbator
  • Made in Japan

Data sheet

Lenght: 13,8 cm.

Width: 5,2 cm.

Net Weight: 152 g.

Hole Construction: Single Layer

Brand: Enjoy Toys

Lotion Included: Samo-lubrykujący masturbator

Hole Design: Open Hole

EAN: 4580395736990

Country of Origin: Japan