Men's Max Feel Spark Onahole (Closed Type)


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Men's Max Feel Spark Onahole (Closed Type)

Innovative self-lubricating masturbation toy

The latest version of a popular series of masturbator toys, the Men's Max Feel Spark Onahole (Closed Type) gives you the ride of a lifetime. With a special lubrication technology called "wetch," this pocket pussy self-lubricates after adding just a bit of water, and where regular lubricant sometimes reduces the sensation of all the bumps and folds, this type of lube actually intensifies every little detail. If you use lukewarm water, the inside becomes pleasantly warm and snug. The internal surface is covered with larger and smaller bumps and folds, making it feel as if the masturbator is bouncing around your hard cock as you fuck harder and deeper until you erupt in an intense orgasm.

Specs and Features:

  • Self-lubricating onahole
  • Internal structure: large balls, bumps, and folds that simulate bouncing
  • Just use water to make it slippery wet
  • Use warm water to heat toy up
  • Dimensions: length 13.8 cm , max. width 5.2 cm 
  • Includes extra lubricant
  • Closed-type masturbator
  • Made in Japan

Data sheet

Height: 13,8 cm.

Width: 5,2 cm.

Weight: 156 g.

Konstrukcja: Masturbator jednowarstwowy

Producent: Enjoy Toys

Załączony lubrykant: TAK

Ilość otworów: 1

Rodzaj materiału: TPE

Stymulacja: Nierealistyczna

Zakończenie tunelu wewnętrznego.: Zamknięte

Kod kreskowy: 4580395737041

Cechy szczególne: Samo-lubrykujący masturbator, wystarczy niewielka ilość wody.

Kraj produkcji: Japonia