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Coromo IBO


199,00zł tax incl.

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The Coromo Ibo Onahole features a uniquely swirling entrance that is like penetrating a beautiful flower (or a cruller doughnut!). This innocent Japanese schoolgirl has realistically textured skin that is a delight to squeeze and stroke, and you can really manipulate the masturbator (even to the extent of almost flattening the toy). Her vagina is a straight canal that welcomes the entire length of your manhood. Encased the soft canal in a harder layer, the stimulation offered by her pussy is enhanced by the contrast of the materials. Her vagina doesn't mess around with curves and gimmicks: instead, it applies pressure in just the right way on your probing penis through the array of textured bumps lining all along the walls.

Specs and Features:

Japanese schoolgirl fetish
Soft material encased in harder layer
Can squeeze almost flat
Skin: momochi
Dimensions: 180 x 70 x 70 mm.
Weight: 560 g.
Includes lubricant
Closed-type masturbator
Made in Japan

Data sheet

Lenght: 18 cm.

Net Weight: 560 g.

Hole Construction: Dual layer

Brand: G Project

Lotion Included: YES

Number of Holes: 1

Material: TPE

Simulation: Vaginal

Hole Design: Closed Hole

EAN: 4582616133236

Special Features: Anime

Box Size: 200 x 175 x 80 mm.

Weight: 630 g.

Country of Origin: Japan