Super Puff Puff Oppai Paizuri Breasts


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The Super Puff Puff Oppai Paizuri Breasts are based on a busty cowgirl character, so be sure to milk these teats and squeeze them as much as you like. Made with incredible realistic skin that reduces the sticky aftermath and emphasize a natural texture, the thick base is topped by a bouncy layer of breasts, and then the stunning nipples that are pointy.

Lube up and slide between these breasts (which are so round they recall soccer balls!), and feel how they rub against your manhood not just from the sides but also the bottom. The breasts come with an accompanying poster for extra visual stimulation, plus a storage box so the breasts can retain their shape when not in use.

Specs and Features:

Paizuri titjob breasts
Cowgirl fetish
Soft and bouncy
Triple-layered structure
Large, round breasts
Realistic nipples
Skin: Love Rubber
Dimensions: 270 x 340 x 170 mm
Weight: 6 kg
Includes storage box, large poster

Data sheet

Lenght: 35 cm.

Net Weight: 6 kg.

Hole Construction: Triple-layered structure

Brand: Magic Eyes

Simulation: Imitacja biustu

EAN: 4571324244365

Box Size: 324 ×382 ×190 mm

Weight: 7 kg.