Foxgirl Kami Magic! Mochitto Kamiri


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The series of senko foxgirl masturbator toys by adult brand Fantastic Baby just got even better with the arrival of the Foxgirl Soft Bite Pussy. The toy is crafted with two layers: a firm, tighter inner layer and a soft outer one. This means the toy hangs floppy and loose in your hands, like the gentle fur of the foxgirl, and you can really squeeze and pull the stroker, feeling your hands increase the pressure of the inner canal.

The tunnel features rows of grooves like teeth that rub against the full length of your penis, like a magical foxgirl spirit softly gnawing on your manhood and providing a tight, entangling grip. The made-in-Japan pocket pussy toy comes with lubricant, so you are ready to roll with this slinky foxgirl straight out of the box.

Specs and Features:

Senko foxgirl fetish
Dual-layered structure: firm inner layer, softer outer layer
Dimensions: 150 x 80 x 80 mm.
Inner hole length: 125 mm.
Weight: 513 g.
Artist/illustrator: Kaniku
Includes lubricant
Closed-type masturbator
Made in Japan

Data sheet

Lenght: 15 cm.

Net Weight: 513 g.

Hole Construction: Single Layer

Brand: Fantastic Baby

Lotion Included: YES

Number of Holes: 1

Material: TPE

Simulation: Vaginal

Hole Design: Closed Hole

EAN: 4580490000231

Box Size: 200 x 85 x 85 mm.

Weight: 550 g.

Country of Origin: Japan