Motto Motto Paizuri Play


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The Motto Motto Young Breasts! Let's Play Paizuri features a beautiful pair of boobs on a base, making them ideal for lubing up, sliding between them, and then rubbing yourself off. Realistically hefty, you will find these breasts and the titjob sessions they offer seriously addictive. The breasts are made with a triple-layered structure that ensures they are pliant, soft, and a joy to caress.

The boobs, which fit your palms just right and have attractively shaped nipples and areolae coloring, come with a sexy camisole so you can act out all those fantasies of undressing a young Japanese cutie and exploring her nubile bust.

Specs and Features:

Breast toy for paizuri (titjob)
Young Japanese girl with developing breasts fetish
Triple layered
Beautifully shaped breasts
Realistically colored areolae
Dimensions: 80 x 300 x 170 mm.
Weight: 1.7 kg.
Includes camisole

Data sheet

Lenght: 30 cm.

Net Weight: 1,7 kg.

Brand: Ikebukuro Toys

Lotion Included: NO

Material: TPE

Simulation: Imitacja biustu

EAN: 4562295849994

Box Size: 370 x 330 x 107 mm.

Weight: 2 kg.