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Puni Ana DX Soft


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The Puni Ana DX is back and it's back in a new and enhanced version: the Puni Ana DX Onahole Soft, a luxury masturbator you can really manipulate. With reduced stickiness and odor, the quality of material and texture is really something, letting you revel in the sensation of massaging and kneading her waist and butt. If you love squeezing love handles, you'll gonna have a whale of a time with the Puni Ana DX Onahole Soft.

The two holes are a marvel to behold and even better to experience firsthand. Slide your penis into the fiendishly tight and winding vagina, lined with small bumps and horizontal grooves, and twisting this way and that. The anal hole is a little wider, boasting several chambers with varying contours, but its walls are likewise lined with ribs and delicate protrusions, plus a sharp turn near the start to apply pressure on your probing manhood.

This is an open-type masturbator, meaning the two holes meet at the end and run right the way through. Though this decreases the vacuum sensation during penetration, it makes it much easier to clean and dry the hole, which you will really appreciate because you'll want to use and use this toy over and over again.

Specs and Features:

Holes: vagina, anus
With hips, waist, butt
Very soft skin texture
Voluptuous vody
Dimensions: 210 x 200 x 100 mm.
Weight: 2.2 kg.
Material: high-quality elastomer
Artist/illustrator: maruku
Includes lubricant
Open-type masturbator

Data sheet

Lenght: 21 cm.

Net Weight: 2,2 kg.

Hole Construction: Single Layer

Brand: EXE

Lotion Included: YES

Number of Holes: 2

Material: TPE

Simulation: Vaginal and anal

Hole Design: Open Hole

EAN: 4582616140098

Box Size: 280 x 270 x 150 mm.

Weight: 2670 g.